Paying to Get Out

Young, carefree, like trendy and popular things.

Those are some shared traits among young urbanites. To them, the social restrictions for the past two years due to the pandemic result in boredom. They try to find ways to have fun despite the situation. Staycation (an activity where one stays at a hotel in their hometown for a change of scenery) is fast becoming a trend.

Staycation (stay+vacation) has been a phenomenon since the 2010s. But this activity has dramatically increased since the pandemic. This holiday alternative at a budget has boomed as information flow gets more crowded in the era of social media.

Staying in hotels mushroom among middle-class university students, who could feel some sort of holiday vibe by spending IDR200,000-300,000 per night. With that amount of money, they can enjoy a comfortable room, a swimming pool, strong WiFi connection, and a new environment. The pandemic has really changed lifestyles in many ways, not just increasing our awareness of personal hygiene.