C u r e


Yoppy Pieter (Freelance Photographer, Jakarta)

As heartbreaks often demand anger and hatred to not only reside within us but also to grow and flourish as well, I would often ask myself is it really anger and hatred that I desire the most from this ordeal?

Heartbreaks forces us to learn, to accept the things we wish to not accept and help us understand the need for forgiveness not only for the benefit of others but ultimately for ourselves. To forgive is to respect the self, as to have the self to be filled with anger and hatred is to slowly destroy the self. Yet it is only through the scars of love, especially when that love is broken and grows cold and sour that I have learned the power of patience, forgiveness and thankfulness.

Cure is a story of how I face heartbreaking disillusionment. An exploration in unfamiliar landscapes that is of religion, of sexuality, of love, of the society and culture. I rip the boundaries curtain to understand myself through the people who have been, or still fighting for their own self-respect battle at every level of their existence.

They are beyond the subjects who let me swim across their personal stories, I dive, I learn, I cure myself toward self-understanding, self respect, and embracing forgiveness to my loved one and to those who have left their scars. This is done in order for me to feel human again.

And so perhaps I have learned that self-respect is not a sign of weakness but it is fundamental privilege to reach of what I hope to be happiness. Without understanding all this, there can be no healing of man.

Spring, The Netherland, 2015