Call Me Bude

Adi Maulana Ibrahim (, Jakarta)

“Dari Instagram, aku belajar dua cara menyukai. Mengetuknya dua kali atau menyentuhnya tepat di hati.”

(“From Instagram, I learned two ways of giving likes. Double tap or touch right on the ‘heart’”)

That is one of Bude (Bude is javanese word for aunty) Sumiyati’s quotes on her Instagram, @budesumiyati. Unique choice of words, add to eccentric photos, filling up the gallery of this Instagram account with 217.000 followers. Thousands of comments flowing in cheerfully.

Start being recognized on social media in 2016, Bude Sumiyati, with her stout figure, tattoo all over her body and pink hair, has successfully attract million eyes of Instagram users. In the midst of social construction that woman would perceive beautiful if she had smooth fair skin, slim or even voluptuous, Bude has broken each of that standards.

Born as Neti Herawati, she keeps reviving her self and mind to keep a pace with the trend. Bude Sumiyati is often trending the topic, specially amongst social network users. Her unique jokes in her eccentric posts received great deal of spotlight.

Bude has shown that beauty is not merely empirical view of physical condition. Beyond that, beauty comes from within in the form of modesty and good sense of humor, attached to her daily-self. Utilizing social media, Bude shares virtues of inspiring and entertaining words.

“Semoga kecantikanku tidak sampai mengintimidasimu.”

(“hopefully my beauty will not intimidate you”)

Adi Maulana Ibrahim

Adi Maulana Ibrahim, often called as Adiw, started his career in journalism in 2018 as a photographer. His works was published in national media suchlike Jawa Pos and Media Indonesia. Nowadays, Adiw works as photographer at, an online media in Jakarta. Born on 9 March 1995 in Bandung, he has been interested in journalism ever since
studying in Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung. During his college days, Adiw joined a photojournalism community, Photo’s Speak where he learned more about photography. For Adiw, photography is an art of preserving memory.