Hariandi Hafid, Koran Tempo

“I really love working at the sea, I feel I didn’t really work if I would not get my feet wet,” said Andi Ihwan (34), explaining why he works as a sailor. Andi is a modern sailor from Bulukumba Regency, South Sulawesi, an area well known for producing Phinisi boat, a symbol of Bugis-Makassar maritime culture since 17th century.

Bugis-Makassar people are well known for their great sailors. Their enthusiasm and passion for the maritime world supported by their knowledge on astronomy and traditional oceanology, serving serves as their guidance during a sail. They observe any natural event that could be seen, heard, felt and spiritually believed by them. They are familiar with the sea and dare to sail through an open sea.

This maritime tradition is associated with the cultural tradition flourished among the Bugis-Makassar people known as pasompe’ , or literally means to migrate, and most of the migrants were identified as sailors-traders or inter-island traders.

Their spirit to sail is passed down to the current generation, who lives in the maritime world dominated by modern ships made of steel and equipped with motors. This can be seen, at least, through the high animosity of Bugis-Makassar youths to enroll into any maritime academy or maritime training centers in order to be able to work in modern ships someday.

It is not difficult to find any sailor or sailor-wannabe coming from these two ethnicities in Jakarta. Most of them live in dorms or special rental houses that could be found around the coastal area of Jakarta. A more promising salary and a work related to the sea are the reasons behind their decision to choose the profession.

Hariandi Hafid

Hariandi Hafid was born in Palopo on 17 Januari 1987. He first encountered photography when he was a student at the department of communication in Hasanudin University in Makasar in 2006. He started to do photojournalism during an internship in Ujung Pandang Express daily in 2010. He has worked as a photographer at Koran Tempo daily in Makassar since 2011 until now.

In 2014, Hafid became one of the trainees in the first workshop held by Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara (GFJA/ Antara Photojournalistic Galery) in Makassar, and attended a workshop titled “The Harbor Shooting Series” led by British photographer Mimi Mollica at the same year. He also contributed to a book titled 1357 KM Tour of Photography: South Sulawesi in 17 Photographers’ eyes pada 2008. NOTE : Photographers’ ya, bukan photographer’s, SWanti.

Among photo exhibitions he already joined are photo essay titled “Cerita Rakyat” (People’s story) at the GFJA Makassar (2013), Exhibitions of “Mahakarya Kemerdekaan” (Independence Masterpiece) in Makassar (2014) and “Warna-Warni Nusantara” (The color of Nusantara) (2015) in Surabaya. He has been granted a number of awards, including the winner and a runner up in environmental photography contest held by Oxfam (2015), the second runner up at the Indonesian Armed Forces social works photo contest (2015), and nominated at “Humanity Photo Award/HPA” in China in 2015.