Ardiles Akyuwen, Jurnal Nasional

Marginal, also known as Taring Babi (Pig’s Fang) is an art and punk music community based in Srengseng Sawah in the outskirts of Jakarta. Formed in 1997, this community has created a typically Indonesian punk by combining music and other art activities while building a large follower base and an enthusiastic network based on the soul of punk and its way of life. Marginal adheres to punk’s “Do It Yourself” ethics; avoiding the pitfalls and temptations of commercialism while encouraging others to create and distribute their music and art of ukulele, screen printing and wood carving workshops.

The recent incident of the arrest of 65 punk kids in Banda Aceh in December 2011 ignited Marginal’s several appearances in the media and even in Islam-based schools as their effort to clear the negative punk stereotype.

Marginal’s music, art works and ideas have inspired many street punks. Their open communal house at Srengseng Sawah becomes a base to learn music, screen painting, wood carving and any other positive and useful skills. Anybody could learn at this house, be themselves and realize their dreams.

Everybody has dreams. Dreams overcome backgrounds and social status. Dreams are free. Even the marginal crowd has them; everybody could dream and aspire to be whomever they wish to be, free of limitations, liberated and independent.

The people who work and study at the Marginal’s open house also have dreams. They want to be rock climbers, musicians and writers. Some want to own a screen printing business, be boutique owners and wood carving artists. All these are attainable dreams of the free and independent marginal kids.

Ardiles Akyuwen

Ardiles Akyuwen is a photography educator at the Multimedia Nusantara University (UMN) Visual Communication Design Study Program. He is often involved in photography mentorship programs. He has several photo projects, including Intimasi Gradasi: Tutur Visual Masyarakat Ciptagelar Banten which was exhibited at the 212 Gallery of the Indonesian Cultural Arts Institute (ISBI), Bandung and SpiritualisMe which was published in a collective photo book entitled Kalaaku. In December 2019, he published a photo book entitled Remains.